Hello world!

Okay. So, this weekend was probably the most exciting weekend I’ve had all year. So I came to the conclusion I have to document this so I can look back and say: “I did some awesome things as a teenager.” So then I immediately thought of ‘journal’. Then I realized I’ve attempted journals in the past and I couldn’t write fast enough for my thoughts, and I would spill water on it or lose it or something. So what better way not to lose something than to put it permanently on the internet forever? And as a bonus, I can type oober fast and get everything down that I think of as I start to document my life! Andddd, chances are I won’t be splashing water on my monitor or keyboard. So here I go:

I’m seventeen… Just a kid , right? Who cares? Well, I’m writing this blog precisely because of the ‘who cares’ factor of my life. I have put so much- possibly to much- effort on trying my best and hardest on everything I do, only to become overwhelmed with activities and school, not to mention nazi parents who try to do whats best for me by ruining my life. Now, when I say this, I’m not being the cliché, materialistic, only care about boys, type of teen. I don’t care about possessions, much less boys. I care about learning. Again, I don’t mean, “I need to have a 4.0!” I mean, I genuially care about learning. I am obnoxiously passionate about history and this great nation, the United States of America. I leave the 4.0 stuff up to the parentals.  So back to the caring for me stuff. Now, when a child doesn’t clean their room, parents normally take something important away from them like a toy, or their cell phone, or no dating, right? Well, because none of these things matter to me, the things taken away from me are summer school, trips to museums, “no church”, “no state championships”. Not kidding. I got grounded from church. Why do you ask? Well, first you should know I was in eighth grade, so just a kid. The second thing you should know is I got a C+ in a freshmen class, algebra 1. Not only did I get grounded from church, I got grounded from the phone, internet, hanging out with friends, swimming, states, piano practice, T.V. Basically everything. So now you’re probably wondering: how long? A week? Month tops? No… 6 months. Yep. An eighth grader, in love with the Lord and gospel, was grounded from Jesus for 6 months. Did I mention I was an Army Brat? So… I was just wondering, did this make me a better person?

Through this blog, I will attempt to answer this question, not only through this one experience, but throughout multiple experiences that you could say changed my life forever.